OpenMarkets managed funds trading, direct to consumer, now available

OpenMarkets managed funds trading platform

Last week, OpenMarkets broke new ground by executing its first direct-to-consumer Managed Funds Trade through its new Multi-Asset Trading Hub (MATH).

The trade was executed in real time and fed directly to SMSF administration provider, Superfund Wholesale, via Class Super’s SMSF administration software.

The new MATH system represents the first step in the future of execution integrated with advice for advisers and self-directed investors.

Superfund Wholesale General Manager, Kris Kitto, believes that MATH provides great opportunities both for their self-directed clients and advisers through the efficiencies it creates.

“As a business, we are passionate about driving efficiency through the use of technology and supporting investment choice for trustees”, said Kitto.

Traditional advice models offered by financial planners have struggled to attract self-directed SMSF trustees.

Traditionally self-directed trustees have bought and sold listed securities or term deposits but now have an increasing appetite for a more diverse range of assets including managed funds.

By offering MATH as a service, Superfund Wholesale opens the door to a range of other value-added services that self-directed or ‘coach seeker’ SMSF trustees are hungry for.

“Self-directed SMSF trustees will be familiar and comfortable with both the ease of transaction and simple pricing. This effectively opens the door for advisers to a large pool of investors who are looking to dip their toes in the water when it comes to financial advice.” said Kitto.

The MATH system is not seen as a replacement for traditional advice, or as a replacement for a wrap account.

It is seen as a revolutionary way of engaging with a whole range of new clients who would otherwise typically only seek specific advice around retirement, aged care, estate planning or other specific advice.

The MATH system provides advisers who use Superfund Wholesale with direct access to managed funds for their clients.

As a leader in delivering efficient, cost-effective and flexible SMSF solutions, Superfund Wholesale specialises in the needs of advisers servicing the SMSF space as well as self-directed trustees via Superfund Partners.

The MATH system will truly transform self-directed investment in managed funds.

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