Mobile SMSF technology enabling on-the-go client support

Mobile SMSF technology is enabling advisers to work in any place at any time and to stay very well connected with their clients.

The rise of table and smartphone use among advisers is much higher than the national average for users. As a technologically savvy group, advisers are using their devices to do a range of tasks and are no longer restricted to the office.

From placing trades to reviewing client accounts and preparing financial plans, advisers are using a range of apps to enhance their workflow when off site.

Yet, we are still in the early stages of mobile use in the financial world and will likely see many new developments on the horizon – from new devices to more robust and integrated apps.

Clients, especially Gen Y & X, who have a growing appetite for SMSFs expect the professionals they work with to to be tech savvy and utilise tools such as iPads and other tablet devices.

As the scope of out of office efficiency increases, advisors need to ensure that they are up-to-date with key trends and movements in the tech world.

One such app perfect for advisers is Class Super’s iPad app. This app allows users to see real time data on funds such as investment snapshots, investment values, track pension payments and view a summary of contributions, and all on the convenience of your iPad.

Instructions to download this free iPad app can be found below.

Class Super app download

Search for ‘Class Super’ in the app store on your iPad and download it.

Mobile SMSF technology | Superfund Wholesale

Once downloaded, login with your Class Super login details.

Mobile SMSF technology | Superfund Wholesale

Now you can view your funds.

Mobile SMSF technology | Superfund Wholesale

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This post was adapted from ‘Embracing Mobile Technology: the next game changer for financial advisors

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