Our Solution

We've experienced first hand how powerful Class Super is. That's why we've partnered with Class to create the SMSF Incubator community initiative.

Software Licensing

Class Super software licensing with no minimum number of funds.

Data Transition

Transitioning your SMSF client data over to the Class Super platform.

Leverage Add-ons

Leverage Class Super add-ons and integrations to maximise your investment.

Advice & Help

Advice on getting the most out of the software and help on building your SMSF business

Client Tools

Powerful online reporting for your SMSF clients.

  • White-label to match your website & branding
  • Easy and fast to grant clients access
  • Provides visibility on the entire SMSF portfolio
  • Works on any web browser
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  • Client Tools
  • Mobile Access

    Class Client View is available on all devices including mobile and tablets.

    • View key SMSF details via mobile browser
    • White-label to match your website & branding
    • Check important information on the go
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    Class Super Mobile Access
  • Mobile Access
  • Constant Updates

    Class Client View provides up to date information for you, your clients and their advisers.

    • No manual updates
    • All transactions from data feeds immediately visible
    • Clients and advisers can see the same information
    • Performance reporting can be hidden if required
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  • Constant Updates
    • Class Super Demo Video

      Our Class demo video has been created to provide an overview of Class for new users. In just 7 minutes, we’ll show you how easy it is to get a fund ready for audit in Class.

      Class Super Pricing

      The following prices are only available to accountants - we cannot provide a Class Super and Class Portfolio software licence directly to SMSF trustees

      Class Super 1-20 Funds
      $330 /per SMSF p.a.
      billed monthly
      Support via Email Only
      Support 30 mins per fund p.a.
      Priority access to training modules
      Administration by you
      Tax lodgement by you
      Auditor of your choice
      Class Super 21+ Funds
      $275 /per SMSF p.a.
      billed monthly
      Support via Email Only
      Support 30 mins per fund p.a.
      Priority access to training modules
      Administration by you
      Tax lodgement by you
      Auditor of your choice
      Class Portfolios
      $247.50 /p.a.
      billed monthly
      Trusts, Companies, Personal & Partnerships
      Support via Email Only
      Online access to free training webinars
      Transitions from $165 per portfolio
      Administration by you
      Tax agent of your choice

      The efficiency gains that we’ve seen with Class have been nothing short of amazing. They talk about a four times productivity improvement and we’ve actually seen that within our own business.

      Kris Kitto

      Director, Intello

      A common question a lot of accountants pose is 'how safe is my data?' We are very comfortable with the fact that the security cloud software, in particular Class Super, offers is far more secure than what we could offer ourselves.

      Gareth Bryant

      Tax Specialist, Interactive Accounting

      If you're an accountant or an administrator, what you really want for your actuarial certificates is to be able to press a button, send the date off to your actuary, and get the response back in the shortest possible time with the least amount of effort at your end, and that's exactly what we can do with Class.

      Meg Heffron

      Head of Customer, Heffron SMSF Solutions

      Terms & Conditions

      By registering below you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions below

      1. All support queries must be submitted via email to support@smsfincubator.com.au or via our support request form.

      • The SMSF Incubator is a community initiative
      • The SMSF Incubator solution does not include phone support.
      • Any Incubator users making support enquiries by phone will be asked to submit their enquiry via email or web form.
      • In addition, users of the SMSF Incubator cannot access phone or email support directly from Class Super.  Any support enquiries made direct to Class Super will be forwarded to the SMSF Incubator support team.
      • Learn about our support service standards here.

      2. Class licence and support cannot be split.

      3. Class licence is pooled/grouped by SMSF Incubator and has to be paid monthly in arrears.

      4. You may decide to take over your licence with Class at any time however you will be required to pay for a minimum of 24 SMSFs ($550 inc. GST per month).

      Regardless of the number of funds you can continue to utilise the SMSF Incubator.

      5. Unused support doesn't carry over each year.

      6. Support queries will be referred to the comprehensive Class Super user guide or training modules in the first instance where appropriate.

      7. Users of the Incubator service are unable to submit support queries direct to Class Super. All support enquiries need to be submitted to SMSF Incubator as per the above.

      8. We may assist with one fund transition at our discretion as part of the on-boarding process.

      Additional transitions completed at either $165 per fund (if BGL file available) or $330 for a manual transitions. We will not provide a free transition if you have a single SMSF.  More information regarding transitions / migration of SMSF client data here.

      9. Tax agent appointed will be your business or a tax agent of your choice.

      You must be a registered tax agent to use the SMSF Incubator

      10. When a licence and support package is purchased and you’ve been issued with your Class login credentials, you are strongly encouraged to register immediately for the webinar or on-demand training modules provided by Class Super.

      You can register via the Class Super website here.

      11. All fees must be paid via direct debit from your nominated bank account or credit card and are levied monthly in arrears based on the number of funds you have active on Class for the month.

      The following article outlines how we calculate your monthly licence fees: How we calculate monthly Class licence fees.


      Use the form below to get registered with Class Super


      Any questions about the SMSF Incubator please get in touch using the form below.